PocketLove is a rowdy eight piece ensemble of maestro’s putting the pocket into funk, soul and reggae. With their mix of bombastic rhythms, searing guitars, angelic horns and anthem lyrics, PocketLove are the pyromaniacs responsible for rekindling the raging fire of live funky music sweeping through Brisbane the past 10 years.  

Residencies at hot spots like The Press Club, Brooklyn Standard, The Flying Cock and prestigious mega club Cloudland, have dragged people from their couches to wearing out dance floors and vocal chords where ever they perform.

Over the past 10 years, PocketLove have ignited stages at renowned festivals such as Woodford, Caloundra Music Festival, Toowoomba Carnival, Island Vibe and Jungle Love alongside acts such as Tower of Power, Empire of The Sun, Anthony Callea and Eskimo Joe.  

The band has continued to released their signature style of original music since their their debut EP Reload in 2011. In 2013 this culminated in their original song “Til The Love Is Gone” being performed by ex-member Luke Kennedy on national prime time TV series “The Voice”, topping #4 on the Australian ITunes charts. PocketLove are feverishly working on their latest 2019 release with New York producer Tariq Khan (Bilal, BigYuki, Hiatus Kaiyote).

For the past six years, the funkadelic band has been led by Barbadian/Montreal firestorm singer Sharon Brooks. Sharon’s powerful vocals and unmatched on-stage personality has helped the band reach new heights by amassing not only an Australian audience, but an international one as well.  

Sharon Brooks, Pocketlove’s Barbadian lead singer, is otherworldly good. Her voice feeds her enthusiasm, which in turn seems to take strength from the driving inflections of her voice. Really good funk music, really funky funk music, makes a listener feel mildly obscene. Like watching a racy scene in a movie with your parents (something from ‘American Pie’ springs to mind), when listening to funk in a group scenario one’s sense of self-respect shrivels, not because the music is bad but because it is just so good there must be something pornographic and indecent about it. This is Pocketlove.
— AAA Live Backstage Review

With their unique nuclear fusion of rock, pop, reggae, soul and funk, PocketLove are electrifying audiences everywhere.